TikTok Has Discovered the Sundays

"You're Not the Only One I Know" is now the soundtrack to many a thirst trap

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 27, 2024

If there's one good thing about the hole that is TikTok, is that it has the power to revive tracks and artists who desperately deserve to get their flowers. Next in line is '90s jangle-pop outfit the Sundays, who are seemingly the latest act to benefit from the ever-elusive algorithm.

The band's debut record Reading, Writing and Arithmetic makes its way into the Exclaim! office playlist quite often, and now it's also found itself in the mid-workday doomscroll. Album track "You're Not the Only One I Know" is now a popular choice for thirst traps and fit checks alike, mostly soundtracking people showing off their makeup or whimsigoth-inspired outfits.

If the term "whimsigoth" sounds like a micro-trend buzzword made to feed the nostalgia cycle, you're right! Do you remember when celestial patterns had a chokehold on home decor in the '90s? Take that, but then add a maxi-skirt, a claw clip, and the entire Cranberries discography and you're set. In fact, many of the videos under the user-uploaded clip of "You're Not the Only One I Know" are tagged as #thecranberries for some reason, hopefully for aesthetic purposes more than anything.

Hey, if the kids are going to take the Sundays to a Sophie Ellis-Bextor or Kate Bush-level renaissance, who are we to judge? All we ask is they soundtrack their next situationship dissolutions to "Here's Where the Story Ends."


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