Tighties Load "*",8,1

Straight off of the mean streets of Caledonia, ON, comes this quartet of irreverent Weezer worshipping smart asses hawking a seven-song debut EP. With tongues planted firmly in cheeks, the Tighties offer up their take on irony-soaked, driving pop rock. Think comedian Norm MacDonald co-writing with Guided By Voices' Bob Pollard after listening to the entire Get Up Kids catalogue and you get the picture. With song titles like "Blood of the Virgin Princess," "Whores in My Trunk" and "Dry Humping 2: The Eagle has Landed," there's no danger of mistaking this band for one trying to make valid or poignant social commentary. But make no mistake, they're serious about the rock and the combination of sarcasm and well-crafted songs makes them a band to keep an eye on. (Independent)