Tiger & Woods On the Green Again

Tiger & Woods On the Green Again
Tiger & Woods became a sensation in the disco edit world when they dropped their first record, Through the Green, in 2011. Now, five years later, they seem to be aiming for a repeat, having crafted a very similar followup — even going so far as calling it On the Green Again. But the success of Through the Green was largely a matter of timing; it captured (and catalyzed) a zeitgeist in a way On the Green Again is unlikely to do in 2016.
Still, Tiger & Woods have come up with another strong record. It isn't much of a departure for the duo, save for making less use of samples and the regrettable absence of the singer Em, who featured on Through the Green. But given the five-year break between these two records, it's nice to have another instalment of what Tiger & Woods do best — fun, punchy dance music indebted to disco and its cognates.
Some of the slower, less energetic tracks here are actually the more successful ones. The dreamy sample featured in the breakdown of "Phoenix" provides a nice mid-album comedown, for example, and the leisurely horn leads in "Endless Affair" are among the album's most memorable.
The songs on On the Green Again are long, and some listeners might find the album a little wearying by the end. But Tiger & Woods are first and foremost purveyors of party music, and in the hands of a skilled DJ, all these tracks should be able to ignite a floor. (T&W Records)