Tiago Frúgoli Ensemble


BY Nilan PereraPublished May 17, 2019

Brazilian composer/pianist Tiago Frugoli's take on jazz has a distinct hybrid feel to it. While there is the expected attention to groove and sophistication, the departures come with both attention to space, and the use of instruments like the kalimba, as well as human effects like the somehow extraordinary production of handclaps on "Pra Casa."
Frugoli's work on the liquid Fender Rhodes electric piano is refreshingly considered and spacious, and leaves a lot of room for the bassist Noa Stroeter and particularly, drummer João Fideles who might as well be regarded as a soloist for his forceful phrasing and fills.
While this release does not break any new ground in the world of instrumental jazz, it is, nonetheless, a beautiful-sounding and well-executed work.
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