Thunderbirds Are Now! Make History

Bursting from obscurity with the slightly insane, yet always fun antics of Justamustache, TAN! have made an awaited third album, but it feels reined in comparison to the fact they feel most comfortable when they’re just a cymbal crash away from falling apart. That’s not to say this album doesn’t get catchier with every listen and TAN! aren’t a worthy addition to any collection that thrives on fun, jerky post-punk inflected indie, but it’s just that this album could have been something more. Yet when it’s good, it grabs your attention like no other. The blaring synths of "Why We War” are inspired and transform the song into something approaching greatness, and your inner sweaty body will writhe with pleasure to album highlight, "Sound Issues/Smart Ideas.” Unfortunately, the ears don’t bounce again until the magnificent closer, "(The Making of…) Make History.” Consistency is the name of the game here, and while Make History falls short of its confident title, it still brims with hope for the future. Think more great moments than mere footnotes. (Frenchkiss)