Thrush Hermit Tribute Album Set For June 24

Thrush Hermit Tribute Album Set For June 24
In efforts to revive a little piece of Canadian rock history, Gooseberry Records has assembled a new tribute album dedicated to Halifax power poppers Thrush Hermit. Titled Thrush Hermit Tribute: Songs for the Gang, the compilation is set to drop June 24, with 18 Cancon artists breathing new life into the songs of the long-defunct and much-loved East coast ’90s act.

To refresh some memories, Thrush Hermit got their start some 16 years ago before calling it a day back in 1999. During their career, the band — composed of Joel Plaskett, Ian McGettigan, Rob Benvie and Michael Catano, who was replaced by Cliff Gibb, who was replaced by Benn Ross — released two full-lengths and a trio of EPs, which garnered them a dedicated following here in Canada but made barely a dent down South. In their time, the band found themselves recoding with Steve Albini (1995’s The Great Pacific Ocean), getting screwed by a major (1997’s Sweet Homewrecker) and releasing one beloved indie classic (1999’s Clayton Park).

Now on Gooseberry’s tribute disc, indie outfits such as Two Hours Traffic, Meligrove Band and Junior Pantherz are taking on a choice selection of cuts from various points in Thrush Hermit’s career, with tracks like "The Day We Hit The Coast,” "French Inhale” and "Violent Dreams” all included.

And while this compilation hasn’t even hit the streets yet, the label has plans to put together similar tribute discs for Super Friendz and Eric's Trip and hopes to release them in first half of 2009. In fact, the label is currently looking for band submissions for both of the future projects and asking any bands interested in contributing to contact Gooseberry via the label’s MySpace.

Here is the tracklisting for Thrush Hermit Tribute: Songs for the Gang:

1. "From The Back of the Film” - Rebekah Higgs
2. "Cott” - Doug Mason
3. "I’m Sorry if Your Heart Has No More Room” - Meligrove Band
4. "Before You Leave” - Two Hours Traffic
5. "Oh My Soul!” - Ruth Minnikin
6. "French Inhale” - Laura Borealis
7. "Violent Dreams” - Jon McKiel
8. "Pink is the Colour” - Great Plains
9. "The Day We Hit The Coast” - The Establishment
10. "Hated It” - Junior Pantherz
11. "North Dakota” - Sleepless Nights
12. "Oh Man (What to Do?)” - Superfantastics-
13. "Noosed & Haloed Swear Words” - Greg Tymoshenko (of Leather Uppers)
14. "We Are Being Reduced” - Galore
15. "Patriot Travis” - Kokas
16. "Headin' South” - The Reels
17. "All Dressed Up” - thomas/richard
18. "Puerto Rico” - Olympic Stadium

Thrush Hermit "The Day We Hit the Coast”