Threat Red Dawn

This debut album from Toronto’s the Threat is a straight-up ride into this quartet’s love of rockabilly and old school punk. Formed in 2002, the Threat’s mandate was to create a blend that seized bits and pieces of sounds from the Stooges, X, and the Misfits, among others. Making no pretences about charting new territory, this band stay true to their influences and fully embrace the electricity and agitation of rock’n’roll and punk aesthetics to deliver a raunchy, high-energy, spirited full-length. Plummeting through rollicking, chaotic tracks like "Bombs Away,” the punched up party song "Rock ‘n’ Roll City,” and the barrelling "Riot Resolution,” the duelling vocals of Sadie, Jet, and Johnny Threat bring to mind the stylings of X while accentuating the hyped-up guitars and claustrophobic drums. The sweeping "Spirits of the Dead” draws attention to the band’s dark and often horror-themed lyrics while maintaining the same addictive qualities. (Redbud)