Thomas Koner Zyklop

A gorgeous two-CD set featuring art installation and radio broadcast material by exemplary producer Thomas Koner in collaboration with other artists who offer field recording samples and voice-overs. Much of the material on Zyklop seems to be a continuation of an earlier work by Koner called Nuuk released on Big Cat as part of the superb Driftworks box set. Disc one is one long continuous track loaded with nature field recordings of animal rustlings in a forest, running streams, chirping birds and stirring leaves among other sounds. These field recordings are tempered with Koner’s deep sub-zero glacial ambient atmospheres that hover over the samples. Disc two features four tracks, each a collaboration with a different artist spanning from 1998 until 2002. The material on the latter disc features more urban noises, traffic sounds and idling engines along with Koner taking a more rhythmic approach with his soundscaping. Also on this album are voice-overs in French, offering a narrative and context to this sound installation. Not to be mistaken for a mood relaxation CD, Zyklop is a deep listening experience with an intellectual bent. (Mille Plateaux)