Thom Yorke Contributes Original Music to Broadway's 'Old Times'

Thom Yorke Contributes Original Music to Broadway's 'Old Times'
Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke recently wrote an 18-day-long soundtrack of ambient music for an Australian art exhibit, and he'll be expanding his creative horizons yet again this fall by providing the music for a Broadway show.
Old Times is slated to return to the stage in New York with a cast boasting Clive Owen, Kelly Reilly and Eve Best. The play was written by Harold Pinter, and the production will be directed by Douglas Hodge, while Yorke will be in charge of composing original music for the show.
The play centres on the story of Deeley and his wife Kate, who are visited by a mysterious woman name Anna from Kate's past. The show's description reads: "What begins as a trip down memory lane quickly becomes something more, as long-simmering feelings of fear and jealousy begin to fuel the trio's passions, sparking a seductive battle for power" — giving Yorke a dramatic well of inspiration to draw from.
"The music Thom has written for Old Times gives an immediacy and a 'now-ness' to the show," said Hodge in a statement. "The play itself is about memory and love — Thom's music works backwards and forwards and plays with time and repetition in the same way Pinter does. In true Thom Yorke style, the music is epic, heartbreaking, irresistible, and complex. I'm hopeful this collaboration will result in a new kind of theatergoer coming to our show."
Previews for the Broadway show begin on September 17, while the official opening night is scheduled for October 15 at New York's American Airlines Theatre. Ticket information can be found here. Below, watch a preview video for the upcoming production.