This Man Dancing to "Rasputin" Will Surely Make Your Day

The Boney M original never looked so fresh
This Man Dancing to 'Rasputin' Will Surely Make Your Day
TikTok may be a bewildering place to the aged among us, but it is undeniably leading the game in quality viral content, as evidenced earlier this year by an extremely chill Fleetwood Mac fan named Nathan Apodaca. The latest among a string of truly excellent appropriations of vintage tunes on the platform is a new dance video that will surely make your day.

For your consideration, videographer, photographer and TikTok'er Cale Brown has shared a video set to his own selection of chill vintage music: a dance clip soundtracked by Boney M's 1978 single "Rasputin."

Complete with a cowboy hat and boots, a fringed crop top, gym shorts and a bathrobe, Brown shows off his choreography skills (distanced and outdoors in keeping with COVID-19 safety recommendations — nice) on a foggy day.

Without further committing to the mortal sin of describing a meme IRL, let Brown show you the moves himself in the clip below. Hopefully, it brings some joy to this day amid so many days marked by a joyless pandemic.

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