Thirteen Senses The Invitation

The Thames River sparkles in the uncommon sun, and two record executives verbally spar about the recent success of Coldplay in this fall of 2000. One, excited, starts to go on about variations on the common theme. First, simply add better vocalists, Starsailor they’ll be called; next, you keep the vocal strength and yank out the guitar. He imagines this band will be called Keane. But music, like life, is like a circle. Before you get back to our original, there has to be a transitional band. The other chimes in, why not just add back the guitar to this Keane band? Thus, Thirteen Senses was born. Visibly excited, they talk about how the lead singer will have a voice that’s good, but not strong. And how the guitars will ring loud and clear on pining songs with names like "Thru the Glass” and "Last Forever”. He excitedly describes how people may scoff at the similarity in sound, but will still be entranced by the wistful atmosphere and clean, crisp production. They will not want to fully admit they are fans, but will still play the record whenever they are home alone on a Friday night, posting things around the internet, dreaming of a life they want, but cannot have. The executives smile at each other and sip their, now cold, cups of tea. The future is bright, indeed. (Mercury)