Third Eye Blind "Get Me Out of Here" (video)

Third Eye Blind 'Get Me Out of Here' (video)
San Francisco alt-pop act Third Eye Blind recently returned with Dopamine, and now they've treated its "Get Me Out of Here" to a new video.

The fairly odd clip sees Stephan Jenkins and his lady friend (played by actress Tara Perry) declare their love for one another, but she takes it a step further by saying she'll die for him then killing herself. Then, Jenkins sings to himself in the mirror while he remembers more fond times with his friend.

The band opted to mark this one as "NSFW," though the only real questionable scene is a moment where Tara Perry frolics around on the band's tour bus in her undies. It really depends on your work's nudity policy — is it okay to watch at your desk if there are no naked body parts on display?

Watch the video for "Get Me Out of Here" below.