Stephan Jenkins Quizzes Fan on Third Eye Blind Songs Before Agreeing to Sign Autographs

So THAT's how it's going to be

Photo via @dccelebrity on TikTok

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 23, 2023

Third Eye Blind are champions of sharp (and horny) late-'90s, early-2000s alt-rock. But it turns out lead singer Stephan Jenkins is not exactly a fan of another hallmark of that era: eBay.

To be more specific, he has beef with giving out autographs just for people to sell the signed merchandise on the platform. The band have been on the road this summer, and Jenkins recently had an airport encounter with a so-called fan that strayed from the jovial shaking-hands, kissing-babies schtick.

On one hand, you can't really blame him — the airport is a terrible, lawless land that sees the worst of humanity — but it's also a little painful to watch someone become the embodiment of the, "You like that band? Name three songs," trope.

Bystander footage posted to TikTok shows the aftermath of an off-camera fan asking Jenkins to sign some records. He hesitated, responding, "Tell me a song that's on Out of the Vein," referring to the band's 2003 album.

"I can't believe you're literally gonna quiz me," the fan answered. "I met you at frickin' Bohagers in Baltimore." Of course, Stephan Jenkins can and should never forget that time at frickin' Bohagers in Baltimore!

"I'll tell you why," the frontman explained. "Because there's a business of signing stuff that goes up on eBay, and I don't want to participate in it," he said, before agreeing to sign one record from this individual's massive stack of them. (The musician also asked for their name to personalize the signature and therefore make it less valuable to potential buyers.)

You can watch the baggage carousel run-in go down below, as well as a notable response from "I'll Be" singer-songwriter Edwin McCain, who stitched the clip on his TikTok (and some people in the comments admitted to having believed he was Canadian for some reason?).

"If the eBay people stop showing up and getting you to sign stuff so they can sell on eBay, you're done. Your career is done," the soft-rocker said. "Like, I love those guys — come to my shows, I'll sign all your stuff."

He went on, "They're making a living. They literally stand in the cold waiting for the tour bus to show up; stand in the heat; buy tickets and come to the shows. Dude, eBayers — bring that stuff to me, I'll sign all of it!" Everyone's gotta eat!

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