Thieves Like Us Play Again and Again on Second Full-length

Thieves Like Us Play <i>Again and Again</i> on Second Full-length
Last spring, eclectic electro trio Thieves Like Us dropped their Exclaim!-approved debut Play Music. The band, composed of two Swedes and an American, demonstrated their ability to combine filter house, dub disco, hip-hop and other electronic elements for a fresh sound all their own. But the question remains if Thieves Like Us can do it again on their next release.

Well, if the title of album No. 2 is any indication, they can do it Again and Again. The new LP includes ten tracks, and is due in stores on July 6 via Shelflife.

That's the cover up there above, and you can hear the new album track "Forget Me Not" in our Click Hear department, as well as "Never Known Love" on the band's MySpace.

While the beats may have you dancing, the subject matter sounds fairly depressing. According to a press release, the songs on this album "focus particularly on failed relationships, alcoholism, and the yearning for that perfect imaginary soul mate."

Again and Again:

1. "Never Known Love"
2. "Shyness"
3. "Mercy"
4. "One Night With You"
5. "Silence"
6. "Lover Lover"
7. "Love Saves"
8. "The Walk"
9. "So Clear"
10. "Forget Me Not"