Thieves Like Us Forget Me Not Remix EP

Thieves Like Us <i>Forget Me Not Remix EP</i>
Electro-loving sentimentalists Thieves Like Us have made their new effort, Forget Me Not Remix EP, available for free download. The EP, which was recently released on May 17, is available now via their label home of Shelflife.

You can download the Forget Me Not Remix EP here.

The original version of "Forget Me Not" will appear on the upcoming full-length by Thieves Like Us, Again and Again, which is due out July 6.

Forget Me Not Remix EP

1. "Forget Me Not"
2. "Forget Me Not (Dance Mix)"
3. "Silence (Dance Mix feat. Ludacris)"
4. "Forget Me Not (Cecile's small town girl Remix)"
5. "Forget Me Not (Minitel Rose Remix)"
6. "Forget Me Not (Sundance Remix)"
7. "Forget Me Not (Second Date Remix)"