Thieke/Griener/Weber The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse

With a title like this, who could resist? Berlin-based reedist Michael Thieke is joined by bassist Christian Weber and drummer Michael Griener on this tightly packed seven-song, 39-minute download-only release on the innovative Ayler imprint. Beautifully and inexpensively recorded at Griener’s rehearsal space, the pieces are fully realised compositions and improvisations by this hard-listening trio with a DIY ethic. Thieke’s alto sax gets a chance to flex its muscles on tunes like "East is West,” and his alto clarinet wails with a vengeance on "A Bullet for Joey.” Thieke here is reminiscent of John Tchai. Weber’s supple lines, unerring ear and fertile imagination supply a profusion of ideas, figures and textures for his cohorts to luxuriate in. And Griener has mastered the art of "timeless time,” as well as stoking the group’s serious grooves, for this trio can, and do, groove mightily. This trio can blow hard, sing lyrically and create deeply mysterious dreamscapes. If you haven’t downloaded a free jazz album before, make this one your first. (Ayler) (Ayler)