These Arms Are Snakes Detail Tail Swallower and Dove

These Arms Are Snakes Detail <i>Tail Swallower and Dove</i>
Northwestern post-hardcore noise-rock quartet These Arms Are Snakes, who feature ex-members of beloved Seattle hardcore groups Botch and Kill Sadie, have announced the details for Tail Swallowed and Dove, their third LP and follow-up to 2006’s acclaimed Easter album.

The ten-track album, produced and engineered by drummer Chris Common in Seattle, the album promises more of the band’s signature murky, layered gloom rock. From the press release: "The music circles around, from beginning to end, looping seamlessly and devouring any sense of arrested motion. The first single, ‘Red Line Season,’ is all guitar-hook-squirm, leading to an anthem of a chorus. ‘Seven Curtains’ explodes into being after 30 seconds of gorgeous, low volume riffing. It’s here that the band’s strength in the studio really shows. From the textural depth of the keyboards and guitar tones, to the vocal delivery, the attention to detail is incredible. Each sound sets up huge spatial relationships, creating a dynamic tug-o-war, and building up a groove that continues throughout — marked by impossibly nimble drumming — blowing up the room with resonant vibration.”

The record is due October 7 from Suicide Squeeze.

Tail Swallower and Dove tracklisting:
1 Woolen Heirs
2 Prince Squid
3 Red Line Season
4 Lucifer
5 Ethric Double
6 Seven Curtains
7 Long and Lonely Step
8 Lead Beater
9 Cavity Carousel
10 Briggs

These Arms Are Snakes – "Horsegirl”