Theorem THX: Experiments in Synchronicity

Windsor's Minus label steps up with an incredible collection of minimal, dance floor-friendly techno. Experiments in Synchronicity is an apt title for this collaborative effort, where Detroit's Dale Lawrence (aka Theorem) goes tête-à-tête with fellow tech producers Sutekh, Swayzak and Stewart Walker. Originally released as a series of twelve-inch singles, the tracks each came to fruition via co-ordinated long-distance efforts, with Theorem providing source materials and the others tweaking and twisting individual pieces into shape. CD-Rs and FTP transfers aside, what really shines here are the ideas, all of which are strong. No one producer or tech sound dominates. Berlin-based (by way of Atlanta and Washington) Walker contributes to three tracks that move, groove, bump and even grind a little. "Recoil" is an addictive little slice of dubby techno that nods to early Warp releases, while the more ethereal piano-glitch of "Minor Explosions" is a definite head-nodder. "Too Distant Images" is a standout; one of the collection's most dance floor-oriented pieces, it is hypnotic, catchy and confident. San Francisco's Sutekh is known for a scratchy experimentalism and does not disappoint, particularly with "Canis," and the edgy, bumping dance floor glitch of "Mitochondria." London, UK's Swayzak and Theorem clearly hit it off, with five tracks as proof. Swayzak's trademark sexy and techy sound shines, especially during the dance floor minimalism of "Unherluferlick" and the deeper than deep "Devil of Rotations." It's their ever-shifting "Day From Hell" collaboration that really rocks my world, however. With clicks, chords, deep bass and beautifully executed builds, this one is moody, joyous and perfect. (Minus)