Theo Parrish Parallel Dimensions

Theo Parrish is a pillar of the Detroit underground house scene. This recording, originally released in 2000 under his Sound Signature label, went without notice as its distribution was dismal and was only appreciable by a few loyal house enthusiasts who follow Parrish’s every move. Thankfully, Ubiquity has seen fit to re-release Parallel Dimensions. To no surprise, the album has the subtlety no doubt exhibited on its prelude millennium release and a fresh vibe on point with current albums. With its organic rhythms, eclectic beats and visionary arrangements, this album epitomises the vibrancy of the underground techno-house sound. On "Serengeti Echoes” for instance, the richly textured African drum lines infuse nicely with deep bass lines. Just in time for summer, this release is a feel-good vibe from start to finish. Not only does Parallel entrance with its hypnotic loops, it simultaneously pushes the envelope of electronica into the realm of complete and utter euphoria. Very few albums come parallel to Parrish’s dimensions on this recording. (Ubiquity)