Theo Bleckman Ori*Ga*Mi

Vocalist Theo Bleckman's jazz pedigree is well established, including collaborations with Meredith Monk, Anthony Braxton, Dave Douglas, Phillip Glass, and so on. But this could not be considered a typical jazz (even avant jazz) album. His operatic range is employed throughout, but with such restraint and in the stark minimalist confines provided by the quartet of musicians accompanying him that it never becomes a showy instrument. The folding/unfolding metaphor suggested by the title of the album is apt, as each piece is a tightly organised whole whose parts are revealed then hidden again bit by bit, providing glimpses of the complexity belied by the simple shapes. Overall, the experience of the album is very cinematic - soundtracks by composers such as Nyman, Glass and Vangelis at their most austere have this kind of grace and strength. Here, however, you must supply your own visual. (Songlines)