​The Tourist Company Announce 'Apollo' LP, Premiere New Single

​The Tourist Company Announce 'Apollo' LP, Premiere New Single
The Tourist Company just released their Mercury EP earlier this year, but they're keeping the mythological god-referencing momentum rolling with the impending arrival of their debut full-length. Titled Apollo, the debut LP will arrive on October 21.
While the title may conjure images of ancient mythological deities, the songs on the forthcoming album draw more inspiration from the Apollo space missions of the more recent 20th century. Tracks like "Sputnik," "1957," "Mercury II" and "Astronaut" are all direct references to the realms beyond Earth, with the band taking the opportunity to apply similar experimental initiative to their sound and incorporating themes like "idealism, scepticism, venturing into the unknown and a longing for home" into the new songs.
"Outer space encompasses our ideas and questions about humanity, and one's own journey and struggles," they explained in a statement.

Those ideas come to fruition thanks to an eclectic array of instrumental accompaniment from the likes of piano, tambourine, bass synth and trumpet, though the experimental attitude gets tempered with a healthy dose of pop tendencies.
The first taste of the new material arrives with the first single "Pedestals." Exclaim! has the exclusive premiere of the eccentric and infectious new song, and you can give it a spin below.


1. 1957
2. Sputnik
3. Shouldn't Believe 
4. Pedestals
5. Astronaut 
6. Apollo
7. Mercury II
8. Sidelines
9. Weightless and Stranded 
10. All of You on the Good Earth