The Steves "New Train"

The Steves 'New Train'
The Steves have given us a couple double whammy videos with "FaceOff"/"Garage" and "I Feel Like Dying"/"Little Darling" in the past, but the band are shining a spotlight on one song in particular this time around — "New Train."
The track marks the first from the band's upcoming record Weakman, which was produced by Surf Dads' Chris Dimas and captures the band's urgent garage-punk sound.
"New Train" encapsulates that exciting sound with brash drums and buzzing guitars. Give it a listen down below.
Weakman is due out September 9 via Grind Central Records/Sweety Pie Records, and will get a hometown record release at the inaugural Swamp Fest in Regina on September 8 and 9.