The Shins Treat 'Oh, Inverted World' to 20th Anniversary Reissue

Remastered by Bob Ludwig, the new vinyl pressing arrives in June

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 13, 2021

In June, the Shins' 2001 debut album Oh, Inverted World will celebrate its 20th anniversary, and the band will mark the occasion with a new vinyl reissue.

A new anniversary edition of the album, out June 11 via Sub Pop, features colour-inverted cover art on an extra-wide die-cut sleeve, while also packing in a 20-page booklet featuring photos, liner notes and handwritten lyrics.

The album was remastered for the occasion by Bob Ludwig, under the supervision of James Mercer. The Shins leader had the following to say about his band's debut 20 years on:

This record gave me the life that I never really dreamed I would have. It opened me up to the whole world and gave me validation. It's also something that stands as a bit of a pinnacle for our band. You release that first record and it's so well embraced, but you're always trying to get that magic back, I think. We've done well, certainly, but the fervour that happened around Oh, Inverted World we never quite reached again. It's a special moment when you're a new band and you've got what was apparently kind of a new sound. This record symbolized a very special moment in my life, a watershed moment for sure.

Last September, the Shins shared new single "The Great Divide," following tribute singles to the late Richard Swift which arrived in 2019.

Oh, Inverted World (20th Anniversary Remaster):

1. Caring Is Creepy
2. One by One All Day
3. Weird Divide
4. Know Your Onion!
5. Girl Inform Me
6. New Slang
7. The Celibate Life
8. Girl on the Wing
9. Your Algebra
10. Pressed in a Book
11. The Past and Pending

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