Listen to the Shins' New Single "The Great Divide"

Listen to the Shins' New Single 'The Great Divide'
The Shins have returned with their first new material since releasing their tribute singles to the late Richard Swift late last year. Their newest release comes in the form of a song titled "The Great Divide," which has also arrived as "The Great Divide (Flipped)."

According to James Mercer, the new single is both "an epic about longing and love in a broken world" and "a blend of futurism and nostalgia."

"The Great Divide" is accompanied by its own set of Paul Trillo-directed visuals — a surreal clip that contrasts religious imagery with the natural world, pre-historic destruction, the turbulent present and futuristic utopia scenes in an infinite zoom. 

"I guess we wanted to try to provide a bit of warmth and sentiment in hard times," Mercer wrote in a statement.

Alongside the single's release, the band have also shared a "flipped" version of the song exclusively through Amazon Music

The Shins' latest full-length release was 2017's Heartworms

Watch the video for "The Great Divide" below, where you can also sample the "flipped" version.