The Shazam App Is Becoming a Musical Gameshow

BY Josiah HughesPublished Aug 8, 2016

If you're ever waiting around in the lobby of the dentist's office and find yourself wondering the name of the Pitbull song you're secretly enjoying over the tinny loudspeakers, you'll most likely pull out your smartphone and use the Shazam app. Now, however, the app's technology is being taken to the next level with a new musical gameshow.

The show is called Beat Shazam, and it's set to arrive from reality mega-producer Mark Burnett. As its title suggests, the purpose of Beat Shazam is to see if you can identify a song faster than the app can.

The show is being executive produced by Burnett alongside Don't Forget the Lyrics helmer Jeff Apploff. The show was commissioned by FOX, though it doesn't have an air date just yet.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the tip.


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