The King Khan Experience

Turkey Ride

BY Jonathan St. MichaelPublished May 21, 2019

The infamous King Khan, known as the frontman for King Khan and the Shrines and the King Khan & BBQ Show, is a legend in Canada's garage scene. Originally based in Montreal, King Khan (born Arish Khan) has since relocated to the Berlin, where he's kept himself occupied with various artistic activities, ranging from his prolific music output to the creation of black power tarot cards.
Now, under the moniker of the King Khan Experience, Khan is releasing Turkey Ride, a compilation of songs that date back to Berlin recording sessions nearly 18 years ago.
The album fits snuggly amongst the expansive catalogue of King Khan, run rampant with fuzz guitar, organ and a splash of baritone sax every now and then. The album's opener, "Turkey Ride," is a bouncy and carefree rock'n'roll song, with Khan's raspy singing adding layers of amusement to the already enjoyable track. Featuring two covers (one of them a Jay Reatard song rendered in German), each is lighthearted and untroubled, as Khan breathes soul into his production.
The album, comprised of recordings that are nearly two decades old, is more of compilation than anything, and seems to be lacking the subtle polishing that can be found on more recent King Khan releases. A means for King Khan to share his relics of the past, Turkey Ride is an enjoyable album and a call for Khan fans far and wide to join in on the fun.
(Ernest Jennings)

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