The Darcys Question Masculinity on New 'Boys Don't / Change' EP

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The Darcys Question Masculinity on New 'Boys Don't / Change' EP
Toronto art-pop duo the Darcys have just released a new two-track EP. Boys Don't / Change find the pair looking to make a difference by challenging traditional notions of masculinity.

In a statement, the duo write, "With Boys Don't / Change, we want to open up the dialogue around expected expressions of masculinity. We tried to translate some of the specific challenges we've experienced in the hopes of becoming more comfortable with being emotionally vulnerable. It's hard to capture the complicated mix of learned behaviour, societal expectation, and media programming that form a person's complex relationship with their emotions, but we feel it's worth looking at."

The beat-heavy tracks find vocalist Jason Couse grappling with feelings of entrapment in a system that's not working for him, exploring the ways in which his feelings are failed by toxic ideas of masculinity and pleading for a better future, placing R&B-inflected vocal delivery on top of big pop choruses.

Listen to Boys Don't / Change below.