​The Cure's Robert Smith Says He Doesn't Identify as "Goth"

"It's just a theatrical thing"
​The Cure's Robert Smith Says He Doesn't Identify as 'Goth'
Photo: Stephen McGill
Despite being an icon for angst-ridden teens cloaked in black for the last few decades, the Cure frontman Robert Smith claims he doesn't much care for the "goth" label.
The singer opened up about the subculture for which he became a posterboy, speaking to Time Out. He explained that his goth-y look was merely a "pantomime" for the stage when he was playing guitar with Siouxsie and the Banshees, and that the look just happened to coincide with the rise of goth culture.
"I never really took the whole culture thing seriously," Smith said. "It's just a theatrical thing. It's part of the ritual of going on stage."
He also pointed out that his iconic red lips and black-lined eyes isn't his usual everyday look, noting that the interview with Time Out was the first time he'd worn makeup in 18 months.
Further explaining the look most people associate with him, Smith offered up a "prosaic reason" for wearing stage makeup.
"I have ill-defined features and naturally pale skin," he said. "I mean, not at the moment, because I unfortunately fell asleep in the sun yesterday — very un-goth."
And while Smith may distance himself from the label, he only had nice things to say about the people that (perhaps mistakenly) idolize him.
"Every goth I've ever met has been very nice, you know?" he said. "As a subculture, I think it's full of wonderful people. But I have never liked what's classified as goth music."
Smith is, nevertheless, looking forward to a time when he is no longer recognizable as the Gothfather.
"Anyway, one day my hair will all fall out and I won't look gothic any more," he said. "So just wait for that."
Read the full interview here via Time Out.