The Creeps 'Beneath the Pines' (album stream)

The Creeps 'Beneath the Pines' (album stream)
Long-running Ottawa gloom punks the Creeps have been going strong since 1999, but they continue to find new ways to impress. Today, Exclaim! is proud to premiere their new album Beneath the Pines.

The 11 songs on Beneath the Pines mark a major progression for the band, both sonically and lyrically. The songs are spacious and drawn out, and the lyrical themes have moved past the Creeps' previous obsession with death and suicide to instead focus on life and love (albeit through a similarly downtrodden lens).

Rather than keep reading about it, you can dig into Beneath the Pines below. The album will arrive on May 4 through It's Alive

Tour dates:

May 5 Ottawa, ON - The Record Centre
May 18-20 Montreal, QC - Pouzza Fest
June 1 Toronto, ON - Bovine Sex Club
June 2 London, ON - Call the Office
June 13-18 Ottawa, ON - Ottawa Explosion Weekend