People Are Seriously Pissed About Chainsmokers' Racist Joke About Asians Eating Dogs

People Are Seriously Pissed About Chainsmokers' Racist Joke About Asians Eating Dogs
While EDM duo the Chainsmokers have become the butt of more than a few jokes online, there's nothing funny about recent comments the group's Alex Pall made about Asians. In fact, his comments have led many online to label the pair as being straight-up racist.

The Chainsmokers were recently being interviewed at the Ultra China Festival in Beijing when producer Pall was asked about his dog. His response — to an Asian interviewer, no less — very much seemed to be poking fun at the tradition of eating dog meat in some regions of China.

Pall said, "I mean if [my dog] could come anywhere I'd bring her to — well, I don't know if I'd bring her to China..."

If this wasn't bad enough, the group actually promoted the video via their social media — something that soon led to swift criticism and for the pair to ultimately pull down the video. Of course, nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet, so you can watch a capture of the video below.
  Following news of the offending comment, the reactions online began blowing up. You can see some below:
  Adding another layer to it all, the Chainsmokers' Andrew Taggart is currently working on an album with Korean pop band BTS. This has all led the Chainsmokers camp to go on damage control, with a spokesperson for the group issuing the following statement: "The interview was posted as it was meant to highlight how much the Chainsmokers love China and all of their fans there. When they noticed that comment was taken out of context, they took it down as it was not meant to offend anyone."

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