That Fyre Fest Cheese Sandwich Tweet Is Being Auctioned Off as an NFT

BY Allie GregoryPublished Apr 8, 2021

If you remember the viral disaster that was Fyre Fest, you can probably recall the iconic tweet of that sad-looking cheese sandwich the festival served to its attendees. The owner of that image, Trevor DeHaas, is now following in Ja Rule's footsteps, and is trying to cash in on the waning hype by selling his tweet in the form of an NFT.

DeHaas is hoping to bank $80,000 USD for the original image of the Fyre Fest cheese sandwich, and is offering up the ownership of copyright as well.

"A few weeks ago I saw Jack Dorsey, auctioning off the first tweet ever and at the time it was like $2.25 million," DeHaas told Axios.

"Instantly I thought of my viral tweet from Fyre festival," he added. "Now a few weeks before the four year anniversary of the festival (4/28) I'm selling the most iconic cheese sandwich on the blockchain along with the ownership of copyright."

The 30-year-old is trying to raise enough money to cover his dialysis treatment expenses and eventual kidney transplant. According to a GoFundMe, DeHaas only has 10 percent function left in his kidneys and is seeking "an altruistic kidney donor to save [his] life."

See the original tweet below, as well as DeHaas' announcement.

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