Tetrezene Lake No. 5

A three-track EP with a remix per track and two remixes for the opening track, entitled "Zone 4,” which happens to be a very good space rock-esque tune in its own right. For the sake of describing the album, the words "post rock” come to mind, more than that their songs are heavily atmospheric, sustained by layered guitar drones and a catchy rhythm section. Though mostly an instrumental album, when vocals do occur, like on "Swoon Maneuver” and "Acme of Bliss,” they tend to be unintelligible yet pleasant. A notable remix is DJ Aria’s reworking of "Zone 4,” which incorporates intense rhythmic programming and head bobbing tabla samples. Lake No.5 functions well as both fore and atmospheric background music, exploring the textural qualities in guitar-driven music but with an ear towards making their music danceable. (Bobby Dazzler)