Testify Triviality Beyond Acceptance

Skinny Puppy-style vocals and Ministry-esque guitar riffs are two of the finest features of this release. Industrial traditionalists brought up on said bands and others like them may want to make space for this in their music collection (in fact, you can tuck it in neatly next to the latter band’s Psalm 69). The similarities are uncanny, at times, but this German version of an American industrial-metal act seems to relish that fact. On this fifth full-length release, Testify aren’t necessarily doing anything innovative, but what the hell. Industrial is a genre that is far from being derivation free, and is not flattery the most sincerest of compliments? They could’ve gotten a tad more creative in the programming department, and things start to wear thin by the 11th song, but the production is of a decent quality and there are at least a couple good dance tracks (Van Richter)