Terry Callier Total Recall

Total Recall kicks off with a funky reworking of the Temptations’ smash hit "Just My Imagination.” Your imagination might very well run away with you on this song but the next track "Imagine a Nation” will bring you right back full circle. There’s enough funk and soul on this album to satisfy an R&B fan’s hunger and just the right combination of trip-hop, broken beat and ambient to quench any house fan’s thirst. Callier called on some great acts to complement his vision on this album as Groove Armada, Zero 7 and 4 Hero bring their insurmountable talent to the table on several tracks on the album. Total Recall runs a little short in length of time as a complete LP but whatever it lacks in duration it infinitely makes up for in quality. While Callier may not outwardly proclaim this album to be "political,” a careful listen to the lyrics on such tracks as "Running Around” and "Sierra Leone” are unmistakably just that. Simply put, Total Recall is a subtly produced down-tempo album. (Mr. Bongo)