Terrestrial Tones Blasted

Two roommates who like to stay up late and explore the outer limits of electronic sound sounds like a ticket to Navel Gazing Park. But if these roommates happen to be Eric Copeland (of Black Dice) and Dave Portner (Avey Tare of Animal Collective), you’re pretty much guaranteed the results are going to be interesting. And they are. On Blasted, the first publicly released collaboration between these friends (depicted with thousand-yard smiles on the cover), Portner and Copeland take their glitched-out pursuits to their furthest regions and don’t turn back for air. With slowly building organic stomps, swirling otherworldly sounds and rattling bass patterns, Blasted is a playful journey to the edges of electro-organic freedom, a sometimes mellow, often intense off-road drive through a spooky forest where rejected man-made creatures congregate to plot their next party. In terms of their parental groups, TerTones are far closer in spirit to Black Dice’s electronic pulsing than Animal Collective’s sweetly psych explorations, but this almost goes without saying given TerTones’ complete disregard for even the slightest flirtations with pop or any other sense of traditional form. This is a homemade project by two dudes who can feel the energy moving through their living room and aren’t afraid to try to capture and contain it on tape. The results are a whole lot of sound fun and energy. (Psych-O-Path)