Terra Lightfoot "Moonlight" on Exclaim! TV

Terra Lightfoot 'Moonlight' on Exclaim! TV
Hamilton singer-songwriter Terra Lightfoot made her big debut in 2011 with her self-titled debut album, one that showcased her versatility by dabbling in indie-rock and even shades of post-punk alongside more traditional-sounding folk songs. While there haven't been any announcements yet of an upcoming album, Lightfoot and her backing band continue to create new genre-straddling songs.

We got a taste of one of those songs when we met up with Lightfoot in her kitchen, where she and her backing band performed "Moonlight." The melodic number shimmers with bright guitar chords, rollicking bass and brushed drums. Lightfoot easily sets the mood with her raw lyrics and amps up the passion with the louder chorus. See it all below.

Don't miss Terra Lightfoot and her band's BURLY CALLING set at the Queen's Head Pub on Friday, December 6.

Filmed and recorded by Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio mix by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Michael Thomas