Modern Addiction

BY Cara FoxPublished Aug 30, 2017

Roommates turned pop duo TENDER's debut album, Modern Addiction, chronicles the dissolution of frontman James Cullen's long-term relationship, and examines the psychological damage of toxic love.
The intimate lyrics and eclectic sounds of Modern Addiction draw the listener into the mixed emotions of a breakup. The push and pull of co-dependence is represented in the sharp lyrics and sanguine melodies of "Nadir," as well as the languid, melancholy verses of longing and disappointment in "Hypnotised."
Listeners won't be running for ice cream and cookie dough, though — Modern Addiction is by no means depressing. The self-awareness of the lyrics, combined with the heavy, albeit upbeat synths and percussion of tracks like "Machine" make the record feel anticipatory, like change and growth are imminent. This sense of hope makes the album an overall reflection on the stark realities of love and loss, and less a collection of heartbreak anthems.
Modern Addiction provides the type of lyrical depth and musical texture that will satisfy those looking to penetrate and explore the human experience.
(Partisan Records / Culvert Music)

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