Templars Clockwork Orange Horrorshow

With all the noise and metal around these days, it’s good to hear tunes like these! Clockwork Orange Horrorshow is filled with fast-tempo boot-stomping music for all of the baldies and street rockers out there. This reissue by the Templars is a CD EP that was released in 1995 as a double seven-inch on Vulture Rock Records. Seven songs in all, the EP features two covers (Major Accident’s "Leaders of Tomorrow” and the Angelic Upstarts’ "Teenage Warning”), as well as a bonus track entitled, "Modern Day Ripper.” Lots of laughs and fictional stories are to be found here, taking you back to your old wayward days of rebelling against the authorities and doing generally unpleasant things. Get to the loudest stereo you can find, give this a listen on your lonesome, and let the memories come flooding back. This disk is real horror show! (Templecombe)