Telefuzz The Financiers of Samsara

Informed by a love of psychedelic pop and drum & bass atmospherics, Don Vebrilli’s Telefuzz sound in The Financiers of Samsara emerges from its solid round bass and bittersweet melodies coated with a fuzzy spaciousness. It perfectly cushions the soft thread of distant guitar riffs and echoe-y piano samples. Thematic and melodic, The Financiers of Samsara is beautifully rendered, groove-friendly chill-out. While things do perk up a bit with the broken beats and vocal drifts of "Poolgazing” and the head nodding house of "Hydrofables,” the mellowing atmospherics, overall, remain constant. It steadies the lazy guitar and Hammond of "That Was The Day” and engulfs the spoken word samples and live drums of "Snakecharmer.” The CD winds down slowly and sultry, gliding out on the languid shuffle of "Coral Cities” and the sweet and spacious ambience of "Enchantress.” (Upstairs)