Tegan and Sara / Shura / Too Attached

Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver BC, October 5

Photo: Sharon Steele

BY Anna AlgerPublished Oct 6, 2016

Tegan and Sara hit their adopted hometown of Vancouver in support of Love You to Death last night (October 5), proving themselves once again to be one of the hardest-working duos in pop. They brought along openers Too Attached (siblings Vivek and Shamik Shraya) and Shura, a rising synth pop artist from London via Manchester, England.
Too Attached blended pop production, samples from Indian films and beatboxing with Vivek's smooth vocals. She wore a shimmering blue outfit, highlighting the importance of her place on the stage as she spoke of her recent coming out and its impact on her life. The duo covered the headliners' "So Jealous," expressing their thanks for being invited to join the tour. Vivek ended the set with a poignant rendition of her solo song, "Girl It's Your Time."
Next up were Shura and her band, performing in Canada for the first time in support of her debut album, Nothing's Real. They played '80s-influenced pop with sultry vocals and infectious beats. Subtle guitars and crisp samples added layers of sophistication to the engaging tracks.
Then, Tegan and Sara strode onstage to a welcoming and excited crowd. They started off their set with a synth-pop rendition of 2007's "Back in Your Head" before launching into tracks from their two most recent albums. They've fully evolved into masterful pop songwriters and performers, nailing vocal harmonies and backed by an incredibly precise band. A particularly loud fan yelled at the sisters to play "Northshore" from 2009's Sainthood, and they did — with another new arrangement adapted to their current live setup of keyboards, bass, drums and samplers.
Their banter was amiable, Tegan reminiscing about her time spent living in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Strathcona writing "really sad songs" (for 2007's The Con) while Sara updated her about her exciting life in Montreal. Later on, Sara would touch on more serious topics, making reference to a variety of issues that Canadians face, such as racism and Islamophobia. She reminded the crowd that they shouldn't ever become complacent, thanking those who fought for her right "to choose not to get married" before performing "BWU" from Love You to Death.
The sisters mostly pulled from this year's Love You to Death and 2013's Heartthrob, but they took time during the middle of their lengthy set to perform acoustic songs from The Con. It made for one of the most touching moments of the night, the packed theatre singing along to classics such as "The Con" and "Call It Off," voices heavy with emotion.
Tegan and Sara regularly thanked the crowd, and the audience responded with great enthusiasm. It was evident just how hard they worked to put on the tour and tailor a setlist that caters to a range of individuals from their diverse fandom. Nearly two decades into their careers as professional musicians, the duo continue to entertain and uplift their audience without shying away from politics.

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