Teenage Fanclub's Francis MacDonald Branches Out with New Solo Album

Teenage Fanclub's Francis MacDonald Branches Out with New Solo Album
Scottish alt-pop luminaries Teenage Fanclub have not settled into retirement, instead opting to keep the flame alive with regular tours and even releasing a new album in last year's Shadows. Even with his main gig still going, however, Fanclub drummer Francis MacDonald has found time to write and record his first solo album.

The 12-track record is called Maculate Conceptions and was recorded by MacDonald with GarageBand at the back of the Teenage Fanclub tour bus last year. Using the album as a way to unwind, MacDonald came up with as series of instrumental pieces.

Via Clash, MacDonald explained the project with the following statement:

Making this music was a great way to pass the inevitable "tour downtime." We had some big drives. I like to be occupied and I like to stay creative... I love classic '50s/'60s pop, rock and country music. Jonathan Richman is another hero. But recently I have also been listening to more instrumental music: various soundtracks and minimalist, accessible stuff by Ludovico Einaudi and Phillip Glass. So that's been an influence on this music... I am working on a solo album of song songs but I will always enjoy listening to and making this kind of music too.

Maculate Conceptions can be streamed below for free. It is also available as a free download here until March 28, at which point it will become a paid download.