Technova Electrosexual

Across the flirty and lean bounce of candied electro a deep yet feminine voice dripping with sexual confidence opens the album with the words: "I could have sex with myself. Okay, I can have sex with a man, or I can have sex with a woman, or I can have sex with myself. Oh yeah.” It’s Vaginal Davis, the famous L.A. transvestite, and her brash yet humorous personality on the opener "I Could Have Sex,” which sets the tone for the album. First paraded as a white label, its catchiness is tempered by short notes providing lean airs amounting to a glamorous facade for strong songwriting. The album is well thought-out, with each track offering something different than the last; the reggae-influenced opening bass line of "Can You Resist” featuring Ghetto Priest; the classic ’80s sound updated with vocals awash in processing in "Watching”; the raspy rhythm, porky bass, and vocodered voice of "Mangina.” A strong, well thought out (and danced out!) album. Perfect for getting ready to go out. (Hydrogen Dukebox)