Technical Itch Diagnostics

There aren’t any grand ambitions on Diagonistics — at least nothing that gives it the same distinction as a concept album by heavyweights like 4 Hero or Roni Size — it’s pure drum & bass, hard, dark and fast. Yet, unlike the music of more underground contemporaries, Technical Itch sculpts his sounds with a sense of precision that is fine, but also understated. There are times when the electro-grind in his bass lines becomes excessive, but that appears to be intentional. On cuts like “Arced,” “Array” and “1310” the noise of these dark frequencies explode and their layers begin to trickle with minimal tonality, bringing the sound of light subtly into the mix. The beats slam against the senses in a way that’s similarly relentless, but as stated by the title of the first track, the style is better described as “Focused.” Technical Itch has a killer drive. It’s not for everybody, but if you want to have it hard, this is the way to have it. (Moving Shadow)