BY Sarah MurphyPublished Sep 26, 2016

Last month, the twin sister-fronted Tasseomancy announced plans for their next LP Do Easy, and they've just unveiled a new single called "Missoula" from the forthcoming album.
"'Missoula' is a song for the roaming and an ode to the Unknown," the band's Sari and Romy Lightman explained in a statement. "There are so many transient people on the planet today, both fleeing and voluntarily in motion. I can't speak for their experience, but as an artist, I find myself moving often. There is the desire to stay, the urge for going, and the split feelings of being a floating, uprooted bag of mostly water."
It takes its musical cues from Hebraic tradition, but enters the modern age with waves of warm synths and cool, hypnotic vocals.
As previously reported, the new record was written between Toronto and Montreal and hears the Lightmans working with bandmates Johnny Spence and Evan Cartwright, as well as guests like alto-sax player Brodie West, flautist Ryan Driver, Blue Hawaii's Alex Cowan, and Fiver and Highest Order vocalist Simone Schmidt.
Do Easy is due out on November 18 through Outside/Hand Drawn Dracula. Listen to "Missoula" below.

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