Tasseomancy 'Do Easy' (album stream)

Tasseomancy 'Do Easy' (album stream)
Tasseomancy have teased the arrival of their next album Do Easy with a series of teaser tracks, but now Exclaim! is giving you an early listen to the entire album.
The duo, composed of twin sisters Romy and Sari Lightman, crafted the new 11-song offering as a "dead-beat anthem" for the "seasoned loners, stoners, and lackadaisically laid." Loosely speaking, it's a folk record, but the incorporation of whimsical psychedelia and atmospheric electronics elevates it to a sound unique unto itself.
Hazy vocal harmonies haunt listeners from the get-go on "Dead Can Dance & Neil Young," while "Claudine" delves deeper into the realm of synths, "29 Palms" breezily blends thumping bass with sax flourishes and shimmery guitars, and "Eli" eventually closes the album out with a gently building twinkle of keys, synths and ghostly croons.
Scroll past Tasseomancy's upcoming live shows, and listen to Do Easy from start to finish in the player below.

The LP is officially out on November 18 through Outside/Hand Drawn Dracula
Tour dates:
11/17 Montreal, QC - M for Montreal
11/18 Hamilton, ON - Strangebarn
11/20 Guelph, ON - Ebar
11/21 Peterborough, ON - The Garnet
11/23 Toronto, ON - Baby Gs
11/24 Ottawa ON - Le Temporaire
11/25 Montreal, QC - Vitrola
11/30 Brooklyn, NY - Sunnyvale