Tarentel Big Black Square EP

There must have been a lot of heavy electricity in the air when post-rock five-piece Tarentel were recording last year’s highly lauded and epic We Move Through Weather, because it sure yielded a plethora of adventurous new material from this growing group. So much, in fact, that after the double-LP-length album was sequenced, there was still enough for two quality EP’s. Paper White moves through the sessions’ early stages, where the band successfully experimented with moody, drone-heavy soundscapes and rhythmically entrenching sections full of big, hollow drum patterns. The tracks here are epic yet sparse, but nowhere near the titanic proportions of the journey that is Big Black Square: a single 43-minute song that smoothly moves through all of Tarentel’s signature sounds like a sloth with a dastardly plan. "Big Black Square” was the culmination of the Move Through Weather sessions, and it’s a watermark of sorts for the band, as well as another damned fine post-rock release from both Tarentel and Temporary Residence. At eight years running, Tarentel are still steadily building steam. (Temporary Residence)