Tapes 'n Tapes The Loon

Could Minneapolis become the new Montreal? If exuberant indie rockers Tapes ’n Tapes are an indication of what’s hiding in the northern American metropolis, then we should already be camped out in front of the city’s venues. The Loon, their debut disc, takes Pavement, the Strokes and the Sonics, and whips it all together creating one of the best records of the year. The band kick off their album with "Just Drums,” a wildly entertaining web of distortion, and follows that up with the acoustic, Nirvana sounding "The Iliad.” There are plenty of hard rockin’ moments here, but Tapes ’n Tapes have more up their sleeves than just loudness. "Crazy Eights” is a messed up blues track, while "Manitoba” is an epic, harmony filled number that could almost fit on a Polyphonic Spree album. This diversity is why Tapes ’n Tapes have been so hyped these last few months. With so much to listen to it’s impossible to get bored. (XL)