Tanlines Compile Volume On, Set Sights on Debut LP

Tanlines Compile <i>Volume On</i>, Set Sights on Debut LP
Brooklyn electronic duo Tanlines have built up an impressive buzz with a steady stream of low-key releases over the past couple of years. With a smattering of remixes, EPs and singles, it's hard even for dedicated fans to keep track of all the band has done. This winter, Tanlines will do their followers a favour by compiling the bulk of their previously released work — plus a handful of new songs — on a double CD set entitled Volume On.

Among the cuts that appear on the 18-song collection are the six tracks from the Settings EP, a remix by Memory Tapes, and a handful of alternate mixes. You can see the full tracklist below, plus the album cover above. Yes, that really is a Lauren Hill MiniDisc.

What makes this announcement even sweeter for Tanlines fans is this: Volume On is reportedly only a primer for the duo's official full-length debut, which is slated for next year. As for Volume On, it is reportedly due out on December 9 (though with that being Thursday, that release date may change in North America).

Thanks to FACT for the tip.

Volume On:

Disc One:

1. "Reinfo"

2. "Real Life"

3. "Three Trees"

4. "Policy of Trust"

5. "Bees"

6. "Z"

7. "S.A.W."

8. "Bejan"

9. "New Flowers"

10. "Power Everything"

Disc Two:

1. "O Seizing the Day O"

2. "Three Trees (Austin Fisher Remix)"

3. "Real Life (Acoustic Version)"

4. "Real Life (Memory Tapes Remix)"

5. "Real Life (Basic Needs Remix)"

6. "Bees (Capracara Remix)"

7. "Iced Coffee (Club Mix)"

8. "Z (Weird Workout Mix)"