Tanlines "Not the Same" (video)

Tanlines 'Not the Same' (video)
Despite being a duo, Brooklyn electro-pop troupe Tanlines mange to conjure up some pretty massive soundscapes. Judging by the video for Mixed Emotions cut "Not the Same," it's seems Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen aren't just adept at layering instruments in the studio. They've actually constructed an orchestra of clones to get through their tunes.

The club-pop cut initially gets by on Emm's house minimal piano plunks, but we soon his doppelganger hoisting a bass just feet away, ready to go. By the end of the song, the variations of the source humans are bowing in a classical string section, stomping on a kick drum with their arms wedged into their pits, and triggering sounds off of samplers.

You can see the orchestra that is Tanlines in the vid below.