Tanlines "All of Me" (video) (dir. Julian Barratt)

Tanlines 'All of Me' (video) (dir. Julian Barratt)
Tanlines just released their new Mixed Emotions LP, so it's not a big surprise that they've just rolled out a new video. However, what you might have not saw coming is that the Brooklyn duo have enlisted the directorial talents of Julian Barratt, (aka The Mighty Boosh's Howard Moon).

The clip is for Tanlines' "All of Me" and you can watch it below.

Matador had this to say about the vid: "The collaboration between Barratt and the band was a combination of brazen wishful thinking and good luck. Tanlines, who are influenced by Barratt, toyed with the possibility of listing the Mighty Boosh as a creative partner in their liner notes.

"Word reached Barratt, who after listening to an early version of the album realized 'All of Me' served as a perfect musical counterpoint to some of the imagery he was interested in exploring, and an opportunity to experiment making music videos. So shockingly, he dove in."

In a statement, Barratt himself added, "At the time I wrote the treatment, I was watching a particular film by Fabrice Du Welz called The Ordeal, which is a really good, strange, macabre film with some really interesting movement and dance bits in that... I'm always trying to do anything between comedy and horror. Because you have such a strong flavour with Tanlines' music, it's quite fun to offset that with bleak imagery."